While cryptocurrency’s reach has expanded over the past decade, its recent volatility has left many Americans questioning whether it’s a worthwhile investment. A recent YouGov poll finds that far more Americans view it as a bad rather than a good investment. Though few are concerned about cryptocurrency’s potential environmental impact, many support greater regulation and believe it’s being used for illegal purposes such as money laundering. In terms of cryptocurrency’s acceptance into the mainstream, we find little change in Americans’ outlook over the past five years. While nearly one in three believe it will be at least somewhat widely accepted over the next decade, far fewer see it as an alternative to cash, or believe the U.S. should develop a national cryptocurrency

Awareness and personal experiences

Most Americans (80%) have some awareness of cryptocurrency, though only one in five (21%) say they’ve heard a lot about it. Men are more likely than women are to say they’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrency, and Americans under 45 are more likely to say they’re very familiar with it than older people are. Three-fourths of Americans who’ve heard about cryptocurrency say they’ve also heard about its recent crash

Source: https://today.yougov.com/topics/technology/articles-reports/2022/07/26/few-see-cryptocurrency-as-a-good-investment

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